Weather in Candy Kitchen Ranch

The weather in Candy Kitchen Ranch is an important factor to consider for your move or your plans to purchase property for your vacation, retirement, or immediate relocation.  Candy Kitchen Ranch is approximately 11,500 acres of land.  All of this land has been sold-out previously by the developer, and now we specialize in the resale of the few available parcels, as well as some property in the surrounding areas.

There are 18 full sections of land here in Candy Kitchen Ranch (each section being 640 acres).   There are about 200 homes on these 18 sections, so the nearest neighbor may be ¼ to ½ mile or more away.  Areas of Candy Kitchen Ranch often have unique micro-climates.  When it was raining on our property, we have called neighbors ½ mile away to be told that there is no rain there!   Sometimes rain may show up three sections away, or it may rain on two of our five acres, but not on the other three acres. During the winter months, some areas of Candy Kitchen Ranch will show some rain, and other areas may have snow!  Also, temperatures may vary between micro-climates.  We have noticed that on winter mornings it may be 50 degrees on the ridge, and 38 degrees in the valley just below!

The elevation of Candy Kitchen Ranch varies from about 7,200-7,800 feet above sea level; and so there is usually a 30-degree +/- differential between daytime and nighttime temperatures.  We can enjoy a comfortable 70 degree afternoon temperature, which may dip down to a cool 40 degree night.

Average precipitation for Candy Kitchen Ranch totals about 15 to 16 inches per year. Last year was higher, with 19.8 inches, which replenished out aquifers and nourished our vegetation. To present a year-round weather picture of Candy Kitchen Ranch, we have combined area records along with our own daily records, plus comments and notes of four other neighbors who, like us, enjoy tracking the local weather:

During the summer months of June, July and August, temperatures range from average daytime highs of 81-85 degrees to rare highs in the 90’s. For the same months the average low temperatures for the coolest part of the night are about 47-51 degrees. July brings in the rainy season, which continues through August and into the beginning of September. On most days, we can expect clouds and temperatures to build up, and by mid-afternoon we will have a welcome rain shower which lasts usually no more than an hour.

Afterward, the sky will clear, the ground dries up rapidly, and the bright sun often brings us a magnificent rainbow. Here in Candy Kitchen Ranch, often we will see double or triple rainbows; and we have seen the rainbow’s end, an incredible sight to behold!

September, October and November show average daytime highs of 65 to 80 degrees with the lows of 45 to 55 degrees. We love fall weather with warm 70-degree days, cool 40-degree nights, and abundance of multicolored wildflowers which blanket our beautiful landscape. Many of us here in Candy Kitchen Ranch describe fall/winter weather as “sweats & sweater” weather until 10 A.M., when we peel off this outwear for more comfortable “shirtsleeves.” This weather continues usually until the end of November when we may begin to see occasional light snow and cooler temperatures.




March, April and May have daytime ranges of 52 to 71 with nighttime temperature of 32 to 45 degrees. We love the clear night skies, viewing the constellations and planets in the stillness of the nighttime beauty, here in Candy Kitchen Ranch for all to behold. City dwellers are amazed to view for the very first time every star in the Milky Way as it scrolls as a banner across the nighttime sky.

The solar energy resulting from the clear skies and ideal solar latitude present a free gift for us to utilize. Our area boasts 6.77 average sun-hours per day, which is the second highest in the nation. In another section of this website, we share more on the feasibility of converting solar energy into usable electricity.