Are you looking for an escape from the noise and pollution and stress that comes with living in the city? How about being closer to nature and being able to spend time doing things you really enjoy or spending real time with loved ones? How would you like to get away from the extreme weather you may have where you live, such as the summer heat in Arizona and Nevada, or the cold freezing winters back east?
Candy Kitchen Ranch is a small rural town nearby the town of Ramah, NM and not far from Gallup, NM. It offers the greatest pleasures of rural living and allows you to create the lifestyle you choose. Current residents have taken up farming, gardening, writing, painting, raising horses, llama, goats and sheep, and live off the grid using solar energy. Candy Kitchen Ranch has attracted people from across the country and even internationally with its gorgeous pinon trees and vistas and 300+ days of yearly sunshine.
With large lots and under 700 total inhabitants, Candy Kitchen Ranch offers private country style living at a very affordable price. Land lots start at just $9,920 for 3.5 acres with gorgeous mountain vistas and tall wooded pines.