One solution to scarce water is collecting rain and snowmelt from your roof(s). It’s possible to collect several thousand gallons of water per year from not so large roofs. Gutters piped into large plastic cisterns and filtered to remove dust, debris and insects can provide good potable water at little cost. The initial cost for the cisterns may appear high, a 1500 gallon, for example, might cost in the vicinity of $700, but can last for 20 years, far lower than the cost of drilling a well. You might be able to use gravity feed from the cistern(s) to your plumbing or an inexpensive electric, centrifugal pump with pressure tank, perhaps operated from a small solar system, if you aren’t on the grid.

It’s a good idea to allow some water from the first rain or snow after a dry spell to be diverted away from storage to wash excess dust and debris away. After that, as long as there is steady precipitation every few days collection can operate without supervision.

Some states have passed laws limiting or forbidding the collection of rain and snow water without a permit. Most of us living here see this action as a violation of rights. Fortunately, New Mexico has not done this.