Area Information:

Sights to See Along Highway 53:
El Morro National Monument:
Gallup Visitor’s Center:
Grants Chamber of Commerce:


Art & Culture:

Zuni Pueblo:
Old School Gallery-El Moro Arts Council
Shangrila Woodworks


Building Construction:

Continental Divide Electrical Cooperative:
Grants NM: 505-285-6656
Septic Systems: NM Environment Department:
Grants Field Office: 505-287-8845
Wellls: Office of the State Engineer:
Santa Fe: 505-827-6175
Cibola County Assessor’s Office:
Grants: 505-285-2526


Outdoor Activities:

Cibola National Forest:
El Malpais National Monument:
NM Department of Game & Fish:


Food & Lodging:

El Morro RV Park & Cabins & Restaurant:
Phone: 505-783-4612
Inn at Halona B&B at Zuni Pueblo:
Phone: 505-782-45467