Go Solar in NM!

Solar Electrical Systems are easier than you may think to assemble! New technology plus tax incentives are  bringing down System costs. Watch these videos to see how you can reduced your Carbon Footprint.

Introducing Adam Roth, Realtor (r), New Mexico Earth & Sky Realty. Adam is passionate about solar! As a documentary film maker, Adam demonstrates how easy it is for you to “Go Solar” and live in harmony with nature. New Mexico Earth & Sky Realty offers prime acreage in the Zuni Mountain area in Candy Kitchen Ranch near Ramah, New Mexico.

Practical considerations for designing a photovoltaic solar energy system in New Mexico. Considers selection of solar panels, batteries, charge controller, and inverter. Presented by Xubi Wilson, instructor and program coordinator at Santa Fe Community College.

Innovative solution for electricity in remote locations. Developed in Albuquerque, New Mexico; this photovoltaic energy system contains solar panel, battery, inverter with receptacles for 110 and 220 service. On wheels, this mobile power station can be located where needed. Use it to provide electricity to a small cabin for lighting, laptop computers, cell phones and small TVs.

Basic Overview showing connection of system components: Solar panels, Wiring to Charge Controller, Battery Configuration and connection to Inverter. Demonstrates that it’s not “Rocket Science” and that “You can Do It!” with some additional more detailed instruction.

Technology will change the way your use of electricity. New battery technology will create lower-cost photovoltaic solar energy systems for the average consumer. After 15 years in the industry creating off-grid systems, Odes Amijo-Caster shares his dream, soon becoming a reality.