For the most more there is no hunting in Candy Kitchen ranch.  Because of this, the wildlife here are not afraid of people.  So the elk in the neighborhood will be in your yard, garden or even if you have one you swimming pool.  Some of the resident think of these majestic animals are pests I think they’re beautiful so I encourage them coming around my house.  All animals need three things, do one you might see them, do two you’re likely to see them do all three you will see them.  Those three things are
1. Water: Even a small container of water will attract wildlife, especially in a drought.
2. Food: I have sheep so I feed hay this small amount of food will get animals to come from long ways away.  Early in the year before the grasses come back this can really work really well.
3. Shelter if an animal feels safe they will shelter and sleep near by, as I said the first two things help a lot to get them to stay around for the third.
I find watching wildlife relaxing and rewarding so spend a few moments and enjoy the beautiful wilderness around us all, but if your lucky enough to live here in Candy Kitchen ranch that experience will be greatly enhanced.
By Buck