One of the most outstanding things near Candy Kitchen is that we sit right on top of the continental divide.  Water on one side of the ranch goes one way, and vise versa literally on top of the world.  This area is a volatile zone of volcanoes, lava flows caves

and pit falls.  The Mexicans call this dead zone El Malpias or bad lands.  An impressive feature in and around the Malpias is the 15 jagged mountain volcanoes of the Zuni Banderas range most very visible from Candy Kitchen Ranches.There is no better view of these beautiful mountains is from the Ridge House for sale in Candy Kitchen.  Sitting on top of a ridge overlooking a vast valley and majestic scenery.  Close  by is the Banderas ice c


aves the land of fire and ice.  Here you can climb a volcano and look right down into the crater really cool, and visit a cave that has had ice in it for more then a couple hundred year.  Here you’re walking around at 80-90 degrees, then you go down a few stairs and it’s freezing hovering around 32 degrees. Ice was sold here for a long time cut from the floor with saws and store for refrigeration this is not allowed any more.  The 15 volcanoes are Cerro Bandera 8733 ft, Bandera Cater 8310 ft, El Caldron 7612 ft, Cerro Colorado, Cerro Encierro 7539 ft, Hoyo De Cibola 7808 ft,

Cerro Hueco, Deer Mountain 8009 ft, Laguna, Lost Woman 8068 ft, Mc Carty Flow 7362 ft, Paxton Spring 8169 ft, Cerro Rendita 8182 ft, La Tetra 8064 ft, El Tintero 7221 ft, Twin Crater 7949 ft.  Along with Caters of The Moon In Idaho And Yellowstone in Montana And Wyoming are the three largest calderas in the western United States Know as the “Ring of Fire”.